Welcome to Armored Assault…..there was a time when they thought playing with mechs was just a game…………until the Armored Assassins arrived….

This  game is currently under construction. Mechs will be made available as they are released but the official Kickstarter will not be released until 2020. Until then enjoy the game pieces which are mechs. Current scale makes game pieces compatible with classic Battle Tech Games or Alpha Strike.

(Scale is currently set to be 6 mm  )


Small and agile…..you never know where he actually is, until it’s too late

The Lost Frontier

Artwork: Tochi Mech by Ben Myers

What started on earth in the 1970’s is still happening on earth 300 years later…………but not how you imagined it would be….


They thought it was safe until the God of Fear arrived…


It’s always good to have a big gun…